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Target Style Love

I wanted to pay homage to Target quickly because they’re implementing some exciting initiatives this summer. Also, because they’re generally a year-round win for cheap & chic clothing, accessories, you name it.

Target Tumblr

Firstly, did you know they have blog? I know, what a great way to start a Friday morning – adding another site to your fashion blogroll. And let me say, you won’t be disappointed you did. The content on their tumblr is so colorful and it actually qualifies as news. You can use this site to keep up to date on new fashion collaborations, exciting new pieces in stock, outfit inspiration and more. Check out their Target Style Blog here.

Secondly, not only does Target have its own Twitter account as most of us would probably assume, but they also have a @TargetStyle Twitter! Their style account is also great for inspiration and news. For example, I got word of their inspiring new collaboration with FEED from their Twitter postings –

It’s good to see a brand being innovative both in their style & social media efforts – but more importantly in their commitment to improving the world. FEED is a wonderful organization that donates X number of meals per purchase you make of their designed items. They’ve been made popular by teaming up with other more luxe brands such as the skincare giant, Clarins. The Target x FEED collabo launches on June 30 so maybe pop in to scoop up their adorable summer pieces on Sunday! I’m already thinking this lightweight scarf might be a good staple to pick up.

Target Feed Scarves

And finally, TargetStyle has a beautifully maintained Instagram account over at @targetstyle. Every photo provides just wonderful fashion inspiration. What’s even more fun to check out in my opinion though is an account by the name of @targetdoesitagain. The account is run by a girl who is a fan of Target! She goes to the shop frequently to post their latest and greatest. I love the way she styles their clothes together and would definitely recommend you check her out! I’m sure she would love the opportunity to increase her following as this would allow more people to view her content. Although I’m sure that if she was really struggling to build her audience, she would consider getting instagram followers free so that this can give her a base in which to build her following. It would be a great place for her to start, and with the help of you checking out her profile as well, she is bound to have a lot more followers in no time. Fashion Instagrammers are on the rise lately, and they deserve so much more attention than they get. It seems to take them years to build a good enough following for them to be classed as influencers. This can lead them to get more followers online to start building their engagement on their posts quickly. This should encourage other users to follow them too, eventually providing them with a great audience to influence.


So this entire post has been an Ode to Target Style. In no way is this sponsored or anything like that. I just was surprised to learn that Target was so heavily involved in social media and I hadn’t been aware of these fantastic accounts until this past month or two. I hope you enjoy their inspiring posts as well! I’m looking forward to finding more socially engaging brands like this to share with you all for fashion & style ideas.