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Mini Pre-Fall Shopping Haul

Doing a different type of post this week – a bit more personal than usual! Instead of my usual Monday Weekend Recap via Instagram, this will be my first shopping haul. I’ve chosen one photo from my Instagram this weekend to dissect from a styling perspective. I love reading and watching other bloggers shopping hauls on blogs, Youtube, instagram, etc. It’s a cool way to understand someone else’s personal style and fashion choices when they kind of explain their purchases and what they thought while shopping.

So I did a little bit of shopping this weekend… not sure what came over me because I haven’t purchased a whole bunch of stuff at once like this in a while! Lately, I’ve been more interested in picking up a piece the week of an event rather than several items from several stores in one day, as well as a Victorinox watch I got online.


H&M Superstretch Treggings –

Maybe the most practical of my purchases, these leggings from H&M are SO comfy. They were only $17 and I had gotten a khaki pair several weeks ago because I was in desperate need for a good pair of khaki pants with a skinny ankle. That’s basically the only jean cut I’m comfortable in any more. All the extra fabric dragging around your feet in a bootcut or straight leg jean is SO frustrating and they never tuck cleanly into a tall boot. I got a pair in the basic blue jean color and another in a pretty gray/white color. H& is calling it beige but in person it looks much more white.

Mossimo Ankle Booties –

Another really smart item for fall, these ankle boots from Target were only $35! I ALWAYS want to wear my mini Uggs in the fall and winter. Obviously Uggs are super comfortable, but it’s more because they’re my only pair of ankle boots. So I finally have a chic pair of boots I can wear on days when a knee-high or calf boot just isn’t doing the trick. Got them in taupe because it is the one color that I think works so well with both brown & black outfits. What a solid pair of shoes for the next two seasons!!

Twisted Spike Cuff –

LOVE this sexy twisted gold cuff. It’s going to be such a great layering piece with my other gold bracelets and rose gold watch. I love that mixed metal look, especially in the fall. The colors are going to look so warm and rich in a stacked look.

Spike Wrap Around Ring –

This ring reminds me so much of the chic Cartier bracelet that I was obsessing over in another blog post recently. Love the nail gold hardware look. It’s so edgy and a simple way to really amp up a look.

Set of Studs –

Target is really stepping up their jewelry game! I’ve been finding so many great gold/pewter/silver/rose gold pieces there lately. Love these simple studs in gold & rose gold. Will be perfect for Fall time

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny –

I was raving about this periwinkle nail polish in my Friday Favorites this past week so of course I had to pick up a bottle to do my nails this weekend! This is one of the few nail polishes that always elicits a, “what color is that?!” reaction. This will be a fun color with a bit of shimmer for the rest of summer.

I seriously love each piece I got this weekend which definitely eases any sense of shopper’s remorse! Hope you guys get some fall shopping inspiration from this and enjoyed reading my thought process behind each item. Can’t wait to start wearing them all in a month or so!