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Friday Favorites: Bubble Bath Pampering

It has been such a long week and I’ve been trying to relax with the occasional bubble bath. I swear by a hot bubble bath with a cbd bath bomb when you’re in need of some rest & relaxation. Some girls need a spa day a mani/Pedi, but all I require is a glass of bubbly, a tub full of bubbles, and some alone time. Especially if you’ve just finished renovating the room. Having a good soak whilst looking at the new glass around (be it from glass shower direct or other vendors) can be such a rewarding experience, after all.

As part of a birthday gift, I received some body products from Archipelago Botanicals. I’ve been eyeing these luxe products up for a while now but never made the splurge to buy them myself. So I was completely thrilled when I could finally try out the milk bath and oat hand cream from the collection this week. The bubbles were truly divine and the light, natural scent was exactly what I needed to unwind from a week of feeling sick and over-exerting myself with work and birthday celebrations.

I’m also a serious proponent of the old beauty trick – aromatherapy socks. I put a bit of balm on and some cozy socks after a warm bath and right before bed. It does the trick every time. I wake up feeling soft and refreshed. I also need to have a candle burning on a girl’s night in like this. If you haven’t smelled a diptyque candle yet, maybe you shouldn’t. You’ll be instantly hooked on their calming scents and they’re not the cheapest candle choice around….

Bubble Bath Favorites

Wine flute

Burberry fragrance

OPI bubble bath

Hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!