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Chic Coffee Table Reads

I love decorating a room with a stack of pretty books. Not just because they look chic, but because it instantly adds culture and intrigue to a space. Rather than making the TV the focus of a room by placing it above the mantle, I really enjoy when a large stack of great reads sitting on the table at the center of the room. If you have a moment to relax,you’re prompted to pick up a book a rather than flipping on a station. It’s just that old-school connection that books seem to offer which I value much more than a TV program. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Real Housewives of ***** City just as much as the next girl! I also just happen to enjoy flipping through pages of a book and use the stack of books as a bit of insight into what is currently interesting to the homeowner or host.


My stack is basically just every pink & white book I own! I think it looks so pretty next to my Roses de Chloe perfume box & Marc Jacobs Daisy boxes. Books include – Sex and the City the Movie, One Fifth Ave, Bergdorf Blondes (which I loved back in high school), Love Pearls (an adorable book of wisdom from a mother’s perspective to her daughter), and What Would Audrey Do (the perfect guide to Audrey Hepburn-esque living). I put together a couple stacks of books below that I’d also love to style on a table maybe near a vanity, bedside dresser, etc. I’ll link them down below in case you want to check some out!

Style Books

Classic –

Iconic –

Fresh – 

And there are always a couple good reads for sale over at One Kings Lane. This fantastic book Photographing Fashion features a stunning picture of Twiggy on the cover – so chic for a coffee table display. Check it out!