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Change Your Look, Change Your Life

I haven’t posted an article in ages so I thought I’d leave you with some video content today. I hope it will tide you over until an exciting fall style post goes live (I’ve been brainstorming it for weeks now!).

You might remember seeing another video by Mimi that I featured in this article weeks ago. She has already put out another one that really struck a chord with me. I love her attitude behind style and her belief that being well dressed enhances so many other aspects of your life. It’s not all about the clothes, the makeup, the newest pair of heels from the most trendy designer of the moment. Personal style is about expressing yourself and it demonstrates how you view yourself which in turn sends that vibe to others who encounter you.

Mimi does a great job of elegantly explaining why putting a little extra care & effort into getting dressed for the day really improves your mood and outlook on life. I hope you’ll spend a few minutes watching and enjoy!


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