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Friday Favorites: Time to Transition

Favorite End of Summer Fashion Trend: Neon Accents

As we leave the hotter temps behind, I’m loving any last minuted touches of neon brights in my outfit. It reminds me so much of summer and this was such a hot trend for 2-13. When it’s incorporated in small doses, it really can add a huge chic factor to a simple look.

Neon Fashion Trend

Favorite Accessory: Pave Bracelets

Pave crystals look so luxe and classy, especially as seen in this stack below. The pave chain link bracelet by Hogan Road is one of my new favorites and I think it would add such glamour all year round.

Hogan Road pave bracelet stacked

Favorite Summer to Fall Transitional Look: A skirt and a sweater

Stocking up on skirts is so helpful during those weird transitional days between seasons. If it’s hot, they’re so easy to style with a lightweight top or for cooler days throw on a chunky sweater. Even on the exceptionally chilly days, adding a thick pair of tights really adds to a skirt’s functionality between seasons.

Look: Sunnies: Rayban // Skirt: Forever 21 //  Top: Forever 21 // Flats: Target

Summer to Fall transitional look

Favorite Hairstyle: Relaxed Waves

We just recently raved over Elizabeth Olsen’s amazing fashion moments in a Style Crush post and I’m bringing her back because of this super easy and pretty hairstyle. I love how she’s coiffed her soft waves. The color is clearly beautifully, but I think the soft and relaxed falling curls really accentuate that. I’ve been trying this look a lot this week (kind of hard to manage with the humidity) and I’m sure it’s going to be a go-to hairstyle for the fall.

Relaxed Waves by Elizabeth Olsen

Happy Friday!