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A Women’s Fashion Brand You Need to Know: NAVEN

So I was checking out Revolve Clothing today for some fall fashion inspiration and started seeing some dresses that absolutely made my jaw drop. After checking out a few, I realized I recognized this brand, Naven, from other fashion bloggers I read everyday. And that’s how my new obsession with Naven began! ;)

I pulled some of my favorite pieces for this post. I seriously wish I had seen those gorgeous scalloped shorts from their Neon Collection 2013 back in the beginning of summer! It was the one summer trend I was searching EVERYWHERE for but it seemed like every shop (J. Crew, Madewell, even Etsy!) had sold out. Naven is definitely a bit beyond what my personal budgetary guidelines allow for, but I’m still totally swooning over these looks.

Twiggy Dress –

Love this shape and army green colored dress over a pair of black tights and cute ankle booties for fall!

Naven Fall 2013 Twiggy Dress Scalloped Shorts from the Neon Collection 2013 –

If only I could find a sexy black pair for fall/winter! PLEASE let me know if you’ve found any. Naven 2013 Neon Collection Scalloped Shorts

2 Tone Bardot Crop Top –

I’m OBSESSED with the monochrome trend this year and what better way to scream fashion-forward than to style it as a crop top. This with a pair of high waisted black skinnies and a blazer for a fall night out… omg. Love. Naven Fall 2013 Two Tone Bardot Crop Top

The Jagger Dress –

Just full of color for fall. I think it’s a really sophisticated, yet sexy dress. Would love this for a night of dancing with a tan or cream colored blazer to keep my arms warm in the cool night air. Naven Fall 2013 Jagger Dress

Naven Baby Doll Dress –

Really what is there to say about this? “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This dress is both simple and sexy with some serious skin exposed on the back but in the most feminine and dainty way. Plus, I love this deep neutral color for fall.

Naven Fall 2013 Baby Doll Dress

I hope I’ve given you a new brand to fuss over after seeing this round up of dresses. I know I’m smitten!