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How to Dress for Work in the Summer

It has been so hot at work these past few days. It doesn’t help that the rain and humidity seem to be at a high for the season so far. Literally every time I step out of the office’s air conditioning, my hair transforms into an instant lion mane. So frustrating.

To cope with the high temps, I’ve been wearing a skirt nearly every day for the past couple of weeks. I’m loving high waisted options right now, as I mention in my June Favorites post. They just look so feminine. And gold jewelry has been really accentuating what little tan I have left from my few days in the sunshine these past few weekends.

Since my summer work outfit has basically turned in a uniform of sorts, I thought it would be helpful to share what has been working for me. The skirt below is actually the one I’m wearing today. It’s from Target, and for only $22 it really is such a steal because it can work as a staple in nearly any girl’s wardrobe.

The Cartier bracelet is clearly just a dream-accessory. One day, I’m certain I’ll own it. The style is called the LOVE bracelet. I love the flat screw head detailing in the gold metal. It’s quite perfect.

The earrings & necklace are by Sarah Chloe. I wear one of their other gold necklaces every day as it was gifted to me by my sweetheart :) I’ll have to do a review of them sometime in the near future. They’ve perfected the blend of polished & edgy in their signature jewelry pieces.

Summer Work

Walter voulaz


Black shoes

Jennifer zeuner

Astley Clarke bracelet bangle
$130 –

Hope you’ve gotten some inspiration for a look to can turn to when the weather gets too unbearable Monday through Friday. For more style inspirations from one of my favorite bloggers, you can also click the link below!

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