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If I were going to 16 Handles, I would wear…

SO excited to officially introduce a new blog series to you! It’s called, “If I were going ________, I would wear…”

The inspiration really began while I was working on my other series, “Wednesday Wishes.” Since that series is more or less how I would design my dream outfit for the week if budget were not a limitation, this is a fun spin-off of that. Let’s say I’m heading to a fun event or adventurous trip, I’ll need to plan out an outfit – whether or not this trip actually manifests itself ;). So this series will be  aim to be more budget friendly, and include current items available for purchase, however it’ll retain that fun concept of building the “ideal” outfit for said event.

I hope you’re just as excited as I am to see this first, official installation in the series. Since it has been unbearably hot lately on the East Coast, what better way to cool down than with a Froyo Date! My all time favorite Froyo Shop has go to be 16 Handles. The place is just adorable – decorated in bright colors, playing fun music and serving up nearly every flavor a girl could ask for.

Today is another one of those hot days and I’m totally craving a tart froyo covered in blueberries & chocolate chips! And this would be a fun outfit to wear!

If I were going to 16 Handles, I would wear...


Equipment silk shorts

Alexander mcqueen

CC SKYE gold jewelry

Wrap bracelet

Bright colors, flowy fabrics, exciting accessories – perfect ensemble for a froyo trip! Love this blouse from Madewell and the fun stacked accessories. Plus, how fabulous are those Miu Miu flats?! Love.

Anyone want to join me?