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Online Shopping You Need to Check out…

I’ve started to notice some online stores through other style bloggers I follow that are definitely worth sharing. The clothing industry has been completely transformed in recent years which is a reflection of the fact 96% of Americans shop with online stores at least once a year. I can confirm I shop online a lot more than once a year! Probably a good thing that I hadn’t discovered these shops sooner on my own. I know, I know – mature adults shop on a budget. But seriously, where is the fun in that?! Also, it’s kind of hard to shop on a budget when there are so many great online stores just waiting for me to explore them. I know how these shops work, of course, I do, some probably even use product recommendation software from somewhere like Drive Commerce to give me all the best deals. But you know what? Sometimes a girl just has to treat herself. Luckily, these shops aren’t going to break the bank but things do add up quickly so proceed to read with caution. If you’re really worried about spending too much money, check out shoppok shopping and see what you can find on there instead!

Rebecca Taylor –

Rebecca Taylor Silk Floral Dress
Rebecca Taylor Silk Floral Dress

Every dress in this shop is basically perfect. I tweeted about Rebecca Taylor’s dresses last week and since then haven’t stopped thinking about maybe doing a mini online shopping spree in her New Arrivals or Best Sellers sections.

Farfetch –

Celine Me Alone T Shirt
NYCPARIS Celine me alone t-shirt

After seeing this fantastic, witty t-shirt reference to Celine for sale at Farfetch, I just knew I had found a new gold mind of style gems. They divvy up the site by style of clothes – “Next Generation”, “Classic Sale Buys”, etc. I was drooling over all the Charline De Luca heels in the Next Generation style section.

O'Keffee wedge sandal
O’Keffee wedge sandal by Charline De Luca
Rosalba Platform Sandal
Rosalba Platform Sandal by Charline De Luca

Social Dress Shop –

Avery Cutout Dress
Avery Cutout Dress

I haven’t been able to find a single cutout dress yet that I think I could pull off in a classy way. However, the one above from Social Dress Shop is so sweet that I think it could be perfect for a hot summer weekend. A lot of their dresses in the New Arrivals section are totally budget-friendly, and even more important, they’re very versatile looks.

Hope you have fun browsing these sites as much as I am! Feel free to share any of your favorite online shops in the comments below. I’m constantly looking for new e-stores I can procrastinate on ; )