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Currently Craving: Biker-Chic Booties

This fall and winter, boots with a metal accent are going to be all the trend. We chatted about this chic look in the post about all the gorgeous metal-heeled ankle booties I was finding at Nordstrom’s online shop.

Forever 21 Moto Boots

Today I’m so excited to share a pair of boots I’m currently craving that are nearly a third the cost of those boots from the metal-heel trend article. These sexy biker-chic booties are from FOREVER 21 believe it or not! Don’t you just love the subtle gold accents? This boot shape was quite popular even last year, but I love how they’re updated here to reflect the recent leather & gold obsession.

I really think a pair of boots like this are completely worth the minor investment. Even if they only last you one year, they look much more high-end than the actual price of $40 would usually indicate. Plus, they’re 100% on trend this year and really who couldn’t use such a basic staple as a black boot during the fall and winter months? (Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself that this is a purchase I just can’t pass up?!)

Forever 21 Moto Boots with Gold Accents