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Trend to Try | Track Pants

What better day of the week than Sunday to discuss a comfy-casual trends we’re seeing a lot of this summer/fall? I love the track pants looks from Gap seen below. Simple outfits like these are often the most fashionable in my opinion because they look styled without trying too hard. This trend will be very comfortable as we transition from summer to fall. Just throwing on a quick blazer or jean jacket instantly adds some structure & style to the relaxed pant look. The juxtaposition in the silhouettes creates a polished outfit without seeming too “stuffy.”
trend to try track pants

Style this trend by —

Layering –

  • A jean jacket or blazer instantly creates some structure for this casual look. Even throwing on some bangles and a scarf as we get closer to fall will polish off this otherwise chill look.

Slipping on some slip-ons –

Buttoning up with some chambray –

  • Chambray tops and popovers are the epitome of chic lately. They just look so easy-breezy no matter what the season! I love the Gap look featuring their ombre chambray button up. They have blended so many trends into one piece; it’s fantastic. Plus a chambray material is a bit sturdier than the cotton track pants so it adds some weight to the whole look and balances the top & bottom nicely.

I love these looks for grabbing a cup of coffee on a chill Sunday morning or just running some errands throughout the week. I hope these tips are helpful as we start transitioning into more of our fall ensembles!


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