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Outfit | Snowflake Sweater

Sharing another black & white post on the blog today. It’s just too easy to make this monochrome trend look perfectly polished. One trick that helps this outfit beyond the chic color palette is the Rule of Proportions. If I recall correctly, I had been reading an interview with Olivia Palermo when she summarized this concept that I had been subconsciously incorporating into my style for years now. Essentially, if you’ll be wearing an over-sized top, try pairing with fitted bottoms. And vice versa. If you are wearing loose fitted bottoms (chinos, a-line skirts, etc.) pair with a fitted top. The contrasting fits keep your outfit from either swallowing you up in fabric or looking too tight all over. So as we move into spring, especially with the prominence of the flowy 70s trends again, I will definitely rely on this rule for guidance!

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