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The blizzard of 2016 hit Philly this past weekend and I felt totally prepared with both a new coat and boots. Proper winter wear makes all the difference on snowy days like these. It was such a pleasure strolling through the city while feeling warm and toasty in my down jacket and waterproof shoes. My usual fluffy, white accessories were the perfect (and necessary) additions to this all-neutrals winter look. The city was on complete shut-down as the snow piled up Friday night through Saturday. Tow trucks waited patiently for the final flakes to fall before clearing the streets for the typical city traffic. The soft silence was so fun to explore as were the bars crowded with folks escaping their cabin fever and laughing over hot ciders and stouts.

I’d highly recommend investing in a pair of waterproof (not just water resistant) boots and a long winter coat. It truly made all the difference in the blizzard and I felt like the cutest snow bunny braving the snowy streets of Philadelphia.

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* I would like to dedicate this post to my sweet mom whose impeccable taste and practicality has always motivated me to dress well, even in 2 feet of snow.