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Summer 2013 Jewelry Favorites

Midi Rings

Gold jewelry (whether yellow or rose) is such a hot trend this summer. Especially midi rings seem to be popping up all over the place this summer. It’s definitely a cool trend, and perfect for girls who prefer simple, thin accessories. Nothing looks more dainty than a perfectly placed gold band above the knuckle. So chic. The confidence that you’ll get from wearing the very best chic jewelry is the best confidence booster you could ask for. There is another trend this summer that is for you girls who prefer larger, more statement pieces of jewelry, so don’t panic if small and dainty isn’t your thing. Signet rings are back with a bang! These rings have markings on them, which are sometimes very personal to the person wearing them. The significance of signet rings is perhaps not what it used to be, but nevertheless women are adding them to their jewelry collection more and more.

Gold Midi Rings

Gold Midi Ring Bands

I’m loving that you can find gold jewels at high end & low end stores alike! Of course, Target has some great options for edgy, gold accessories. But I’m also discovering equally chic versions at some other small-scale internet retailers. has a fantastic selection of gold rings and I’ve put together my favorites below. How cool is that wrapped nail gold band?!

Rings & Midi Rings


Also loving spiked bracelets this summer! A couple stacked, spiked bracelets can instantly add style to a standard lace dress. They’re the perfect piece to transform a look from commonplace into a modern expression of self. Saying this though, everyone has their preference when it comes to jewelry. Where I like wearing spiked bracelets, someone else may prefer pieces from’s best-sellers section, for example. Either way, it’s all about knowing how to incorporate jewellery within an outfit to give it that finishing touch.

Gold Spiked Bracelets

Gold & Turquoise - Spiked, stacked bracelets

They’ve really been popular for a couple seasons now, but the mass market retailers are whipping them up at rapid pace right now. You can get any style – whether edgy, glamorous, or simple – at a fraction of the cost compared to our favorite designers. had a surprisingly diverse collection of these bracelets – my favorites are below.


Spike bracelet

Gold jewelry


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