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New York Fashion Week 2013

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New York Fashion week officially begins this year on September 5 (tomorrow) and lasts through til September 12 (next Thursday). I’m more excited than usual this year to see what the designers have envisioned for the Spring 2014 collections. I’ve been to #NYFW a couple times in the past while I was studying at NYU. The hustle and bustle in Bryant Park during that week was so thrilling, a part of me wishes I could be there again this year.

Instead, I’ll be doing brief recaps of the collections I’m most excited for here on the blog. You can watch streams of the fashion shows and get all of the details over at the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website. Of course this year, the events will be held at Lincoln Center for additional room. There’s even talk that the location is set to change again for upcoming years to the Hudson Yards.

Either way, stay tuned and let me know your thoughts on the collections and which shows you’re most excited to watch this year!



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