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Friday Favorites: Youtube Beauty & Style Vlogger Favorites

Whether I’m taking a long train ride, enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, or just killing time at home, I always turn to Youtube beauty and style vloggers, booktubers, and makeup artists for some entertainment. I have a HUGE vlog-roll of beauty and style gurus that I subscribe to on Youtube. I love that you can just quickly log on Youtube for fashion inspiration, hair styling tips, etc. A a 10 minute vlog break often turns into hours worth of new beauty and style content absorption!

I’ve created a mini round-up of just some of the style & beauty vloggers that I follow. The list is seriously endless, as I add to it every day. However, these girls included below are the Youtube gurus that make me most happy when I see a new video is available from their account! Hope you find a couple that you’d also like to subscribe to. They’re really talented ladies and it’s so inspiring to see young people putting themselves out there, pursuing their passions, sharing their talents with the world, and following their dreams!

Friday Favorites | Youtube Style Vlogger | Macbarbie

Beth is a really young girl with such a fun personality. I wish she had this style/beauty channel back when I was in high school!

Friday Favorites | Youtube Vloggers | Annie Jaffrey

Annie is just so polished & professional. I just recently added her channel to my vlog-roll but I love each new beauty tip she shares!

Friday Favorites | Youtube Style Vlogger | Patricia Bright

Patricia is such a fun lady all they way from across the pond. I particularly love her “Motivational Moments” series which is just packed with general life tips and confidence boosters!

Friday Favorites | Youtube Style Vlogger | Amarixe

I love Allison’s beauty videos. She seems to try every product that I’ve heard about so I love knowing what her first impression is on new lipsticks, mascaras, you name it.

Friday Favorites | Youtube Beauty Vloggers | Miss Glamorazzi

Ingrid is just such a happy person. No matter what the content of the video, I just enjoy hearing her perspective on new beauty products, favorite clothing pieces, even recipes.

Friday Favorites | Youtube Style Vlogger | Clothesencounters

Jenn is also a new vlogger I follow. So far, I’m really enjoying her approach towards personal style. Her fashion taste seems really unique, so every video offers a new trick or style I’d like to try myself.

Friday Favorites | Youtube Style Vlogger | That's Heart

I love Heart’s interior design videos. She has great room tours and decorating ideas.

Friday Favorites | Youtube Beauty Vloggers | Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna puts together the best makeup roundup videos. I love her skincare tips as well. (Also from across the pond!)