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Everyday Makeup Routine

The other week, I did a skincare routine post & a friend of mine asked for a makeup routine article. So I’ve finally been able to collect the 6 core products I use everyday for work makeup, going out looks even, and definitely easy day trips shopping and spending time with friends. Just because I’ve listed these six doesn’t mean there are other products I don’t love or use – I’ve been spending some time reading Thin Lizzy make up review pages online and now I’m really curious to give those products a go, for instance! But, these are my go-to, every day workhorse makeup choices that I’ve grown fond of!Everyday Makeup Routine

Maybelline BB Cream – LOVE BB creams because they improve your skin while acting as an all-day foundation. This Maybelline cream doesn’t provide a lot of coverage. It’s very light and is the perfect feeling o f a tinted moisturizer while also doing the dirty work of a skin illuminator all day long. It also has a bit of SPF and I’ve begun to understand the serious risks of UV damage lately so I’m a strong proponent of this product.

Covergirl Concealer – I used to use Dream Matte Mouse as an under eye and dark spot concealer but I’m in love with the formula and texture of my new Covergirl Stick Concealer. I just swipe some big stripes under my eyes and poke it on the few problem spots and dab the product into my skin with my finger. So effective and it feels creamy and light.

Covergirl Face Powder – I like knowing that this powder is light and and non-oily. I just take a kabuki brush and dust it around my face to set my BB cream and concealer. Makes everything look much more consistent over my entire face.

Clarins Eyebrow Pencil – I haven’t really used any other eyebrow pencil, although I have tried an eyebrow kit once before. The kit is really time consuming for an every day makeup routine and I love the color of this Clarins pencil. I use the middle shade because I think it’s the least severe option for most complexions. My friend told me to read Thrivo’s guide to vegan eyebrow pencils and I’m really enjoying it!

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner – I’ve tried pencil liners, and each time the pencil runs out I immediately return to liquid liner – and this Maybelline one in particular. The felt tip is so soft on my lids so I don’t have to worry about pulling and tugging at my eyes to line them in just the right shape.

Maybelline Volum’Express The Rocket Washable Mascara – My favorite mascara ever. It seriously lengthens, separates, AND adds major volume. I only do the top lashes so that it doesn’t run under my eyes throughout the day. I do prefer the washable option because I don’t like tugging on my eyes at night trying to scrub off the day’s eye makeup.

I hope this is helpful and please leave any questions in the comments below. I’d be happy to provide more details or opinions ;)



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