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Wednesday Wish: MAC’s Bright Pink Lipstick

MacSo this isn’t exactly a pricey Wednesday Wish – in fact it’s not even all that season-appropriate. But, I’m dying to pick up this bright pink lipstick by MAC. It’s called “Candy Yum Yum” and it is the brightest (yet still cute) pink lip I’ve seen! I first fell in love with it on Little Miss Fearless’s blog post here. And I think she actually did a splendid job of styling it for fall with some dark camo skinnies and a neutral blouse. This in my opinion is a fall staple look so adding a pop of color on your lips is definitely doable and clearly gorgeous! I’ve sadly never purchased a MAC lipstick because I’ve always been much more of a gloss or chapstick kind of gal but would love to pick this up online sometime soon…




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